You’re Invited to be a Twitch Affiliate!

It’s official! I have met the requirements, been invited to be a Twitch Affiliate, and have accepted the offer!

But, I could not have done this alone. You all helped!

I wanted to give a shoutout to a few communities, friends, and twitch members who’ve helped make this milestone possible.

First off, Twitch Calgary. Twitch Calgary is a great community of passionate streamers and supporters. You are are all awesome and thank you to everyone one of who who’ve accepted me into your community, who’ve hosted my stream, and who’ve even raided me once or twice! If you’re not familiar these awesome Canadian’s check out many of the team members on the Twitch Calgary Twitch team.

I also want to thank Team B42. You are also a community of awesome streamers and gamers. Love you all!

Big thanks to these individual streamers and friends also (in no particular order, you all get love!):

I also want to thank all of my followers, lurkers, and chatters! You guys are all amazing in my books.

Since I started, I’ve also made a few changes to my twitch stream. I love doing indie game reviews, first looks, and blind play-through’s. Most of the games I play were published from 2017 onward. I’m going to continue this as I’d like to ensure that I’m providing you the most up to date content that I can. I may still play some older games but my primary focus will be indie games and supporting the progress of this industry and these developers. For now, I’ll also continue to scrub out on Fortnite. As bad as I am at the game, I still love it. Over the next couple of months I’ll work on improving the quality of my stream. If you do have any ideas I’d love to hear from you!

So, I’ll keep streaming and looking forward to my next chapter on Twitch!

P.S. More announcements and contest giveaways are coming soon! So, pay attention!

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